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The Long Island-based Commercial Litigation attorneys at Barnes & Barnes, P.C. pursue complex business claims in the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court, Federal Court and various arbitration forums. Many of our clients are immersed in complex disputes. Nonetheless, our decades of experience in Commercial Litigation helps us deliver pragmatic strategies to achieve solutions which align with the client’s business objectives. In that regard, we achieve timely and relevant results on a cost-effective, results-oriented matter. We invite you to explore our website and learn why our sage advice and tenacious advocacy constitutes a key client asset.





Case Studies

Maximizing Criminal Court Results, in the Civil Arena, Through Collateral Estoppel

Introduction     For civil counsel engaged to right criminal wrongs committed by a Corporation’s former officer or employee, the frustration of the delays incident to a parallel criminal proceeding can nonetheless ultimately bear fruit in the civil...

Litigation Holds and Preservation of ESI in Light of VOOM HD Holdings, LLC

In commercial litigation cases, issuing a litigation hold to preserve electronically stored information (ESI) is paramount once a party reasonably anticipates that litigation may ensue, which may be well before litigation actually commences.  In the electronic...

Gibbs: Leveling the Playing Field for Chronic Non-Compliance

In a recent column, we addressed recent Appellate Division authority concerning the ultimate sanction for failure to disclose, a CPLR 3126 Order striking a pleading.   In December, the Court of Appeals issued Gibbs v. St. Barnabas Hospital, 2010 N.Y. Slip. Op....

Disqualification Premised Upon the “Lawyer as Witness” Rule

An attorney’s conflict search incident to a potential new matter provides information which will assist counsel in determining whether engagement is appropriate.  There are bright-line rules regarding entering an appearance in light of counsel’s obligation to...


Text Messages Can Establish a Valid Contract

Text Messages Can Establish a Valid Contract

They say, “No good deed goes unpunished,” but with the right lawyer, you may get rewarded after all. While it is not a good idea to do work for someone without a written contract, sometimes you can still prevail in a lawsuit as demonstrated in a recent case. Our firm helped a client establish a...

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What to Do If You Are Victimized By a Wire Transfer Fraud

What to Do If You Are Victimized By a Wire Transfer Fraud

These facts are amazingly common. Bob Buyer is purchasing a home and hires an attorney to prepare the contract of sale, review title and confirm no building violations exist. A few days before closing, Bob Buyer receives an email from his attorney’s verified email address advising Bob to wire...

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I was impressed with Mr. Barnes’ meticulous preparation and performance during the party depositions. Ultimately, we were required to go to trial. I was well prepared for the adversary’s cross examination and again impressed with Mr. Barnes’ courtroom skills during trial. Read more