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Our company is a world leader in North Atlantic Live Lobster harvesting and distribution based in Nova Scotia, the largest Area 6 commercial operation on the New England Coast. Last year, we retained Barnes & Barnes, P.C. to pursue a Long Island based company which failed to pay for nearly $300,000 in live lobsters that had been delivered and accepted in good order. B&B immediately filed suit in the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court and requested, and was granted by the Judge, a trial date in less than 3 months after the Preliminary Conference. On the merits, the Defendant argued that it was not liable for the outstanding invoices because the product it received was allegedly defective upon delivery, an argument we knew was false. To undermine the Defendant’s false statement, Barnes & Barnes, P.C. served non-party document subpoenas upon the Defendant’s customer base to confirm that the Defendant actual sold to his own customers the product that he argued to us was defective. Upon presentation of this evidence, the case settled immediately, avoiding the costs for ongoing discovery and the trial. We highly recommend Barnes & Barnes, P.C.


We are a leading regional cyber security firm with multiple offices located throughout the United States. Our sales and upper management teams regularly work with Barnes & Barnes, P.C. to address time-sensitive ramifications of proposed transactions with customers. The attorneys at B&B are always responsive to address our needs. More importantly, their keen insight and analysis helps our company minimize risk and avoid potential liabilities.


I retained Barnes & Barnes, P.C. after my Corporation leased an airplane to a Defendant who ceased making monthly payments and refused to return the aircraft in good working order after it sustained approximately $100,000 in damages during Hurricane Sandy. The Defendant was obstinate prior to and during the litigation. I was impressed with Mr. Barnes’ meticulous preparation and performance during the party depositions. Ultimately, we were required to go to trial. I was well prepared for the adversary’s cross examination and again impressed with Mr. Barnes’ courtroom skills during trial. Ultimately my Corporation prevailed at trial and, in addition to monetary damages, the Court awarded my Corporation more than $60,000 in counsel fees and pre-judgment interest. I am happy to offer an unqualified recommendation for Mr. Barnes.