Cybersecurity and Data Breach Litigation
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Long Island Cybersecurity and Data Breach Litigation Lawyers

All savvy businesses (whether Fortune 500 or small businesses) must address the challenge of protecting large volumes of sensitive, business-critical data from sophisticated, ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. In light of the global reach of malicious cyber criminals, it is often a question of “when” — not “if” — a data security breach will occur.

Data breaches occur on a daily basis. Businesses responding to these breaches must plan for litigation that will almost inevitably follow. Indeed, customers, consumers, patients, employees, and/or other individuals whose information is impacted by a data breach may become plaintiffs in litigation involving federal and state laws.

On the other hand, businesses that have been affected by a cyber breach can also proactively pursue litigation against third-parties when those third-party’s actions or omissions contribute to a data breach. In that regard, a business damaged by a third-party’s negligence or breach of contract can seek to recover substantial monetary damages from those who contribute to data breaches.

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